Conference Presentations

In 2018 I discovered the reward in conference presentations. The ability to refine my work to be shared with the community and then get feedback is invaluable and simply a lot of fun. My conference presentations are listed below. Work done in a vacuum does not benefit anyone!

Berlin Buzzwords
June 2021 – Virtual
Title: Applied MLOps to Maintain Model Freshness on Kubernetes
Technologies: NLP, Text classification, Kubernetes, MLOps

March 2021 – ┬áVirtual
Title: From Training to Serving: Machine Learning Models with Terraform
Technologies: AWS, Terraform, MLOps, NLP

Strata Data
September 2019 – New York, NY USA
Title: Protecting the Healthcare Enterprise from PHI Breaches using Streaming and NLP
Technologies: Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, NLP

Activate Search and AI Conference
September 2019 – Washington, DC, USA
Title: Leveraging Neural Networks and Learning-to-Rank in Document Workflows
Technologies: NLP (document classification), Learning-to-Rank

DataWorks Summit Washington DC
May 2019 – Washington, DC, USA
Title: Improving Organizational Knowledge with Natural Language Processing Enriched Data Pipelines
Technologies: Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka, Apache OpenNLP, Apache Superset

PyData Washington DC
November 2018 – McLean, Virginia, USA
Title: Using Sockeye Neural Machine Translation in a Streaming Pipeline
Technologies: Apache Flink, Sockeye

Activate Search and AI Conference
October 2018 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Title: Embracing Diversity: Searching Over Multiple Languages
Technologies: Apache NiFi, Apache OpenNLP, Apache Solr, Sockeye

Haystack Search Relevance Conference
April 2018 – Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Title: Embracing Diversity: Implementing Multi-language Search
Technologies: Apache NiFi, Apache Joshua, Elasticsearch