Conference Presentations

In 2018 I discovered the reward in conference presentations. The ability to refine my work to be shared with the community and then get feedback is invaluable and simply a lot of fun. My conference presentations are listed below. Work done in a vacuum does not benefit anyone! Most of my presentations have something to do with NLP, cloud, and search technologies and are mostly practical in nature.

My Conference Presentations

Linux Foundation Open Source Summit
May 2023 – Vancouver, Canada
Title: Using Apache OpenNLP with OpenSearch k-NN Vector Search
Technologies: Apache OpenNLP, ONNX Runtime, OpenSearch
Resources: Code Repository

October 2022 – New Orleans, LA
Title: What’s New and Coming in Apache OpenNLP 2.0
Technologies: Apache OpenNLP, ONNX Runtime

Amazon Web Services OpenSearchCon
September 2022 – Seattle, WA
Title: Getting the most from your OpenSearch Contributions
Technologies: Open Source

Linux Foundation Open Source Summit
June 2022 – Austin, TX
Title: Searching for the right words: Bringing NLP Transformers to Apache Solr via Apache OpenNLP
Technologies: Apache OpenNLP, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr
Resources: Code Repository

Berlin Buzzwords
June 2021 – Virtual
Title: Applied MLOps to Maintain Model Freshness on Kubernetes
Technologies: NLP, Text classification, Kubernetes, MLOps
Resources: Code Repository

March 2021 – ┬áVirtual
Title: From Training to Serving: Machine Learning Models with Terraform
Technologies: AWS, Terraform, MLOps, NLP
Resources: Code Repository

Strata Data
September 2019 – New York, NY USA
Title: Protecting the Healthcare Enterprise from PHI Breaches using Streaming and NLP
Technologies: Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, NLP

Activate Search and AI Conference
September 2019 – Washington, DC, USA
Title: Leveraging Neural Networks and Learning-to-Rank in Document Workflows
Technologies: NLP (document classification), Learning-to-Rank

DataWorks Summit Washington DC
May 2019 – Washington, DC, USA
Title: Improving Organizational Knowledge with Natural Language Processing Enriched Data Pipelines
Technologies: Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka, Apache OpenNLP, Apache Superset
Resources: Code Repository

PyData Washington DC
November 2018 – McLean, Virginia, USA
Title: Using Sockeye Neural Machine Translation in a Streaming Pipeline
Technologies: Apache Flink, Sockeye

Activate Search and AI Conference
October 2018 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Title: Embracing Diversity: Searching Over Multiple Languages
Technologies: Apache NiFi, Apache OpenNLP, Apache Solr, Sockeye

Haystack Search Relevance Conference
April 2018 – Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Title: Embracing Diversity: Implementing Multi-language Search
Technologies: Apache NiFi, Apache Joshua, Elasticsearch
Resources: Code Repository, Presentation