“Let’s Build Something!” with Mike Chambers

I was recently invited to be a guest on Mike Chambers‘ (an AWS Hero) show! On this episode Mike wired together the final pieces to make his machine learning model in SageMaker available through API Gateway endpoint and a static website in S3. He did the coding live and it worked great! The small web […]

Mountaineer Emerging Technologies Group

I would like to invite everyone interested in emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Kubernetes and containers, cloud, NLP, and others to join the Mountaineer Emerging Technologies Group meetup. This group was created primarily for technology professionals in the northern WV area it is open to anyone. If you are interested in presenting a topic pleas get in […]

AWS Config Conformance Packs: When TRUE is not true

In this post I want to share a problem I encountered with an AWS Config Conformance Pack in hopes it can help someone else some time. The Conformance Packs are sets of AWS Config rules to help you meet compliance with various regulations. They are available on GitHub. You can clone that repository and use […]

HashiTalks 2021

For HashiTalks 2021 I was able to present a Terraform project that managed the training and serving of NLP models. Built in AWS and using ECS, S3, DynamoDB, SQS, Lambda, and EventBridge, the project provides a way to do automated containerized NLP model training. You can queue a model for training by describing the model […]