Author: jzemerick

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Database Engineer

My Google Cloud certification transcript Last week, I passed the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Database Engineer. I found this to be a “fun” certification exam, if you can describe an exam as being fun! Databases are a very important part of nearly all applications. Selecting the appropriate database for a use-case is critical. Then, using […]

Hugging Face Transformers now enabled in Apache OpenNLP by ONNX Runtime

With my recent work to bring ONNX Runtime to Apache OpenNLP to allow the use of transformer models from OpenNLP, I wrote a blog post that was published to the Apache OpenNLP blog. The post describes how OpenNLP works with the ONNX Runtime and walks you through how to train and use a model. Check […]

Docker Registry credentials in AWS CloudFormation templates

With the changes at Docker Hub recently around image pulls and authentication, you might run into the situation where your AWS CloudFormation template pulls an image and receives an authorization error message. This can happen if you’re trying to deploy to Amazon ECS or just on an Amazon EC2 instance. Note that this post doesn’t […]

Searching for the Right Words: Bringing NLP to Apache Solr through ONNX and OpenNLP

I am very excited to be presenting at this year’s Linux Foundation Open Source Summit North America! My presentation titled Searching for the Right Words: Bringing NLP to Apache Solr through ONNX and OpenNLP will talk about the new ONNX capabilities that have been introduced into Apache OpenNLP and how to utilize the functionality from […]

Apache OpenNLP and ONNX Models

I got started using the Apache OpenNLP project some time around 2009. I had a large amount of unstructured text that I wanted to process and I┬ádidn’t know how. As a Java programmer, Apache OpenNLP provided the tools I needed to make that large amount of text usable. Back then, the NLP options available were […]

Load Testing with Apache JMeter, InfluxDB, and Grafana

Apache JMeter is a great tool for load testing APIs. You can define your API requests, run your tests, and measure throughput and other metrics. Admittedly, I don’t find it to be most intuitive tool to get started with but once you get the hang of it makes sense and you start to understand why […]

“Let’s Build Something!” with Mike Chambers

I was recently invited to be a guest on Mike Chambers‘ (an AWS Hero) show! On this episode Mike wired together the final pieces to make his machine learning model in SageMaker available through API Gateway endpoint and a static website in S3. He did the coding live and it worked great! The small web […]