Hello, world!

My 2021 resolution (one of them) is to blog more. I have never been much of a post author even though through my life and career I have benefited greatly from the posts of others. Not only does writing help others, it also helps the author form their thoughts and become more knowledgeable about the subject through the writing process.

Some of my key areas of interest are cloud computing and natural language processing and those areas have exploded significantly in the past few years. There has been more advancements in those areas than one blogger could ever expect to cover and that’s definitely not my goal here. As I learn about things I find exciting or challenging I want to share those topics with others.

For a longer introduction to me see my About page. That page will probably give you a better idea of the kinds of posts to expect!

I welcome you to contact me. The best way to reach me is through LinkedIn so I don’t have to worry about losing your email to a spam filter somewhere.

Here’s to 2021 and a year of writing!

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